The Stress Solution - 2 Hour Microclass

Learn how to change your nervous system, calm the circuits and get back to feeling safe and secure using tried and tested neurohacks proven by science.

Learn how we hold trauma in the body, and how we can release it safely and begin to build in new wiring that serves you better.

Transform the way you feel every day by adjusting the dysregulation in your mind and body. End procrastination and self-sabotage for good.

What do you want from 2022?

  Your brain is old, and your software running it, outdated. We are not built for chronic ongoing unremitting stress. Your body keeps the score, and it WILL show you massive red flags.

As I look at the world, there is a growing horror in me about how frequently I see posts of ‘I can’t take this anymore’. So many people are now into crisis state, their lives and business ventures are suffering, and the body is the biochemical warzone.

People are trying lots of different things, desperately looking for answers, and forgetting one simple fact; people are running brain and body biochemistry that is now downright unsustainable.

It all starts with your mind. Your brain drives your behaviours which drive your results.

I’m running a ‘Stress Solution’ Microclass to tackle exactly this.

I’m going to go through the mechanisms and how to interrupt them, exactly what neurohacks you can use to scratch the record and stop it playing, and how to rebuild healthier right-brain activity for a regulated autonomic nervous system response set up.

Because I don’t believe that it is okay to not feel okay for long periods of time. It’s exhausting, and you have to change something. You can’t change what’s around you, but you can change the meaning you give it, and, what you do about it. It’s called alignment and it’s incredibly powerful.

Getting back into alignment is sometimes a shift of 1 degree. But you do have to shift. Otherwise you end up somewhere very different from where you planned.

I’ll go through what repeated trauma does to the brain and body, where we hold it, and how to hack your way out. I’ll also cover what steps we need to take to protect ourselves in this current market.

About Dr Libby Kemkaran

International Coach and TEDx Speaker Libby Kemkaran has helped 1000's of clients around the world massively increase their success in business. She has helped her clients grow their worth into multi-million pound companies and build their businesses from the ground up.

Director of Kemkaran Consulting Ltd and Advisory Director to 2 other companies, Libby is now a sought after consultant to some of the most accomplished companies and organisations in the world such as Merck Pharmaceutical and the NHS. 

She is creator of the award winning Tame Your Brain® methodology and coaches CEOs and individual solo entrepreneurs around the globe.      

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  • Learn how we hold trauma in the body, and how we can release it safely.
  • ​A 2 hour microschool on sorting out any dysregulation in your body.
  • ​Learn how to hack your nervous system and get back to feeling safe and secure using my tried and tested neurohacks.
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